The Department of Medical Education and Research is the Department responsible for the proper training, credentialing, and documentation of all postgraduate medical trainees at Chinese General Hospital and Medical Center. It oversees the implementation of the provisions of quality postgraduate educational trainings according to the different levels of training. Trainings are primarily focused not only on safe and appropriate patient care, but also facilitate the trainees’ professional and personal development with proper guidance and supervision from qualified healthcare practitioners/specialists. The Department similarly takes charge of the hospital social responsibility by organizing regular activity on health topics that are of interest and relevant to the community. Assistance to hospital initiated community-related activities like bloodletting and vaccination programs are also closely coordinated with DMER. Furthermore, the Research Ethics Review Board (RERB) handles all the clinical research being performed at the hospital assuring that the ethical, moral and legal standards are met in all researches being conducted.


Center of excellence in medical education, trainings and research


We shall train and develop competent and compassionate house staff.

We shall foster education, training, clinical research, and continuous professional growth and development of the medical staff.

Utilize state of the art internet facilities in acquiring global information in the latest medical practice and research.

We shall foster exchange of knowledge, skills, and experience, with other instructions.

I. Post Graduate Internship Training Program