Gastroenterology Fellowship Training Program

The Fellowship Training Program in Gastroenterology is a 2-year program of the Section of Gastroenterology of the Department of Internal Medicine of the Chinese General Hospital and Medical Center. It is accredited by the Philippine Society of Gastroenterology and the Philippine Society of Digestive Endoscopy. The program accepts fellowship training graduates of any Residency Program in Internal Medicine approved by the Philippine College of Physicians (PCP) and have passed the examination of the Philippine Specialty Board of Internal Medicine. This is a clinical fellowship in the field of gastroenterology and hepatology. The training includes proficiency in digestive endoscopic procedures.

The program aims to graduate fellows in gastroenterology after 2 years of training. At the end of the training, the fellow is expected to be well versed in the art and science of clinical gastroenterology and hepatology. The fellow is expected to be able to read and interpret basic radiological examinations in the field of gastroenterology, including sonographic, CT scan and MRI examinations. He/She is likewise expected to be proficient in the basic diagnostic endoscopic procedures such as proctosigmoidoscopy, flexible sigmoidoscopy , esophagogastroduodenoscopy and colonoscopy. Therapeutic endoscopic procedures such as injection treatment, thermal probes and clipping for bleeding ulcers, esophageal variceal ligation and endoscopic polypectomy will also be taught to the fellow. The fellow should have observed and be familiar with the more highly specialized therapeutic procedures like PEG insertion, mucosal resection, esophageal/pyloric/colonic dilatation and stenting, and therapeutic ERCP. The fellow is also expected to produce high quality research papers which will be presented and published in local and international conferences/journals.

Contact Information:

Location: Department of Medical Education and Research (DMER)
Mobile: 8711-4141 loc. 5017
Contact person: Ms. Jerlyn Mesina Vergara