Residency Training Program in Surgery

The Residency Training Program of the Department of Surgery of Chinese General Hospital and Medical Center is a 5 year residency training program that is primarily geared towards the production of General Surgeons equipped with sound scientific surgical judgment, excellent technical skills both in rural and urban settings, morally upright principles, and humane and ethical attitudes.

The program aims to produce graduates after 5 year of training. Where at the end of the training the, the graduate is expected to be able to make a logical and reasonable surgical diagnosis, confirmed with the appropriate laboratory and/or ancillary procedures, and manage the condition/s or problems adequately. He/she is likewise expected to make rational decisions in cases which require immediate surgical intervention and to recognize cases that should be referred to other specialties.

The program also includes training in surgical research and trainees are expected to be adept in formulating and writing their own research protocol and performing statistical analysis and interpretation of their result at the end of the training. In addition, the department also continue to publish research papers in peer reviewed journals and present research papers in internationally recognized fora

Contact Information:

Location: Department of Medical Education and Research (DMER)
Mobile: 8711-4141 loc. 5017
Contact person: Ms. Jerlyn Mesina Vergara