CT-MRI and Ultrasound Fellowship Program

What makes CGHMC’s CT-MRI and Ultrasound fellowship program different from other institutions?

  • Frequent exposure to advanced CT and MRI procedures such as CT angiography, hepatic Volume Computer Assisted Reading (VCAR), virtual colonoscopy and bronchoscopy, CT perfusion, and MR spectroscopy
  • Diverse case portfolio, including very rare or difficult cases
  • Opportunity to participate in CT scan and ultrasound guided biopsies and catheter insertions
  • Build skill in sonography with the help of highly experienced consultants and radiologic technologists
  • Regular intra and interdepartmental conferences
  • Competitive salary (as compared to other private institutions)
  • Supportive work environment

Contact Information:

Location: Department of Medical Education and Research (DMER)
Mobile: 8711-4141 loc. 5017
Email: dmer@cghmc.com.ph
Contact person: Ms. Jerlyn Mesina Vergara