CGHMC Introduces MTB Drug Resistance Testing

Chinese General Hospital and Medical Center (CGHMC) has launched a new MTB-Drug Resistance Testing solution for tuberculosis patients.

This innovative service is designed to help detect drug resistance in those afflicted with TB, allowing pulmonologists to provide more personalized and effective treatment options.

Tuberculosis is a bacterial infection that primarily affects the lungs and can be life threatening if not treated properly. While advancements have been made medically to fight the disease, drug-resistant strains of TB have become a growing concern in recent years.

Patients who develop such drug-resistant strains of TB require longer and more intensive treatment, which can become more costly and also have significant side effects.

The new MTB-Drug Resistance Testing service offered by CGHMC aims to provide a more accurate and efficient way (via a patient’s sputum sample) of detecting resistance from both first line and second line TB meds.

This includes Rifampicin, Isoniazid, Ethambutol, Streptomycin, Fluoroquinolone, Pyrazinamide, and injectable drugs such as Kanamaycin, Amikacin and Capreomycin.

The new MTB-Drug Resistance Testing will help physicians identify the most effective treatment for patients, leading to better outcomes and a reduction in the spread of drug-resistant TB.

For appointments and more information, please call (02) 8711-4141 local 369 & 370.

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