Men’s Health

The Men’s Health section of CGHMC aims to provide a safe space for men looking for quality care to address sexual performance, infertility, voiding problems, and male menopause. Our management uses the latest research and technology to bring affordable care individualized for every patient.

Services and Consultation:

Prostate enlargement– This is a common condition in aging men where the enlarged prostate may hinder urine flow causing symptoms such as frequent voiding. Treatment may range from medications to surgery to relieve prostate obstruction. 

Infertility– Infertility attributed to men usually involves unhealthy sperm due to a variety of causes. Our services aim to properly diagnose and tailor fit treatment to every individual. 

Erectile dysfunction– Erectile dysfunction is the inability to get and keep an erection firm enough for sex. Treatment begins by identifying the cause which varies from anxiety, hormonal issues to other underlying medical problems. We offer medical/hormonal and surgical treatment including penile prosthesis implants. 

Andropause (Male menopause)- Aging in men is associated with a drop in the male hormone testosterone which can cause a variety of symptoms like fatigue, weight gain, depression and a drop in sexual drive to name a few. Treatment may range from lifestyle changes to testosterone replacement therapy.

Contact Information

Contact No.: (02) 8711-4141 local 426 / 09209286025

Contact Information

Location: 286 Blumentritt St., Sta. Cruz, Manila 1014 Metro Manila
Telephone: 09209286025

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