Center for Respiratory

Center for Respiratory Services

The Chinese General Hospital Medical Center  – Center for Respiratory Services believe that all patients seeking our respiratory services, regardless of race and status in life, deserve the best care we can provide and leave our premises with satisfaction in their hearts.

We aim to provide our patients with the best respiratory services in the country, performed by competent, accredited, and professionally trained medical teams and respiratory therapists, using updated guidelines, knowledge, and state-of-the-art equipment. Our facility is designed to specifically cater to our patient’s comfort and safety.

What We Do

Here at the CGHMC – Center for Respiratory Services, we ensure that our patients receive an optimum diagnosis, management, and treatment outcomes regarding their respiratory conditions. We educate and promote quality lung health among our patients with an emphasis on follow-up care, respiratory disease prevention, and the importance of vaccination.

From our first-rate products to our Respiratory Therapists and Pulmonary Medicine Specialists, we’ve got the expertise you need.


  1. Oxygen Delivery Devices (High Flow and Low Flow) 
  2. Aerosol / Nebulizations
    • Sputum Induction
  3. Arterial Blood Gas Determination (ABG Analysis)
  4. Pulmonary Function Tests – 8AM – 6PM MON – SAT
    • Simple Spirometry and Complete Spirometry (DLCO, Lung Volume, and Impulse Oscillometry)
  5. Incentive Spirometry
  6. Pulse Oximetry (Spot Check And Continous Monitoring)
  7. End Tidal Volume CO2 Measurement Monitoring
  8. Non- Invasive Ventilatory Support
  9. Bronchial Hygiene Techniques
    • MetaNeb Sytem
    • Chest Physiotherapy (Pneumovest and Mechanical Percussor)
    • Lung Flute
  10. Mechanical Ventilators/ Respirators
  11. Ventilatory Weaning Procedures
    • Spontaneous Breathing Parameters (SBP)
    • Peak Negative Pressure measurement (PNP)
  12. Peak Expiratory Flow Rate measurement (PEFR)
  13. High O2 Flow Therapy


Contact Information

Location: 2nd Floor, Main Building

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