Enhancing Patient Care through Good Nutrition

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Nutrition is not just about what we eat; it’s a cornerstone of health that impacts every facet of our lives. From physical vitality to mental clarity, the foods we choose shape our well-being in profound ways.

At Chinese General Hospital and Medical Center Clinical Nutrition Services, we understand the transformative power of proper nutrition, offering tailored consultations and education for individuals seeking to optimize their health through informed eating choices.

We cater to a wide array of medical conditions, ensuring that each patient receives personalized guidance. Whether you’re managing gastrointestinal disorders, dermatological cases, cardiovascular conditions, or diabetes, our Registered Nutritionist Dietitians provide expert consultation to help you navigate dietary challenges effectively.

Empowering Health Through Education

Approximately an hour-long consultation allows for comprehensive discussion and assessment of your nutritional needs and goals. Our services aim not only to educate but also to empower lifestyle changes that promote long-term health benefits. Whether you’re seeking weight management strategies, nutritional support post-bariatric surgery, or guidance on nutritional needs of your children, we offer evidence-based dietary management tailored to your specific requirements.

Comprehensive Support for Better Health

Our approach goes beyond mere advice; it includes thorough nutrition assessments encompassing anthropometric screenings, biochemical evaluations, and clinical assessments. We provide personalized dietary plans, sample meal recommendations, and nutrition guidelines designed to meet the unique challenges posed by various medical conditions.

Monitoring Progress and Ensuring Success

We believe in continuity of care. Follow-up visits allow us to monitor your progress, evaluate adherence to dietary recommendations, and make necessary adjustments. Our goal is to enhance your quality of life through sustainable dietary practices that support overall health and well-being.

Accessible and Supportive Care

Located at the ground floor of the Main Building, our outpatient services ensure convenient access to expert nutritional guidance. Whether you’re managing chronic conditions or simply aiming to enhance your dietary habits, our team is committed to supporting you every step of the way.

Good nutrition is not just a choice; it’s a powerful tool for achieving and maintaining health. At Clinical Nutrition Services, we blend expertise with compassion to empower you on your journey to optimal well-being. By prioritizing proper nutrition, you invest in a healthier, more vibrant future. 

Remember, your health starts with what you eat.

Secure your appointment today and let our Registered Nutritionist Dietitians guide you towards a healthier lifestyle. You need to bring a dietary prescription and referral from your registered primary care doctor, as well as your latest laboratory results.

For more information or to schedule an appointment:

  • Location: Ground Floor, Main Building, Chinese General Hospital
  • Hours: Mondays to Saturdays, 9am-3pm
  • Contact: 8711-4141 local 313
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