Dual Console da Vinci Xi Surgical System -The Country’s First, Coming Soon!

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The Chinese General Hospital and Medical Center is pleased to announce the recent acquisition of the state-of-the-art Da Vinci Xi Robotic Surgery System, imported from the United States. This marks the introduction of the first dual-console system in the country. The integration of this robotic-assisted minimally invasive surgery system underscores our unwavering commitment to providing cutting-edge medical technology to our patients. Building upon the success of our Da Vinci robotic-assisted minimally invasive surgery program, we aim to reach even greater heights.

Within its inaugural year of operation, the advanced Da Vinci Robotic Surgery System has successfully completed over 130 surgeries, boasting a 100% success rate. These achievements allow patients to experience a healthcare system that is both safe and comfortable, significantly reducing procedure time and minimizing pain and discomfort. Furthermore, it highlights our hospital’s dedication to maintaining a leading position in the Philippines’ medical landscape through the enhancement of medical technologies.

The latest Da Vinci Robotic Surgery System will revolutionize our hospital’s surgical capabilities and skills.

With features such as the dual-console system, this remarkable surgical tool empowers our surgeons to navigate complex procedures seamlessly and collaborate effectively, ultimately leading to improved patient safety, efficiency, and reduced discomfort.

The introduction of this cutting-edge technology signifies our commitment to providing the best healthcare services to patients in the Philippines and the Chinese community. It marks a significant milestone in our journey.

The advantages of the new Da Vinci Robotic Surgery System are manifold, offering a safe, efficient, and comfortable medical process, yielding unexpected benefits for all involved parties. Moreover, it elevates the reputation of our hospital within the Philippine society, establishing a notable presence in the public’s perception. This development bodes well for further solidifying and maintaining the Chinese General Hospital and Medical Center’s leading position in technological medical innovations in the Philippines.

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