CGHMC Robotic Surgery Celebrates its Milestone and 1st Anniversary

The Chinese General Hospital and Medical Center (CGHMC) proudly celebrated the milestone anniversary of the da Vinci SI Surgical System. In less than a year since its launch, this revolutionary minimally invasive robotic surgical system has been used by surgeons who have successfully performed over a hundred surgical procedures.

"Today, we celebrate not one but two memorable milestones. It's the first anniversary of our robotic surgery program and, simultaneously, the acquisition of the next generation – the country's first da Vinci Xi dual-console robotic surgical system."

Describing this cutting-edge technology as a step forward in revolutionizing healthcare in the Philippines, Mr. Sia reiterated that it is a commitment the hospital has made to provide exceptional care within reach and to remain at the forefront of medical technology.

The success of the more than 130 robotic-assisted surgeries is a testament to the trust and confidence patients have placed in the state-of-the-art equipment, the skills, and expertise of the surgeons, and the robotic team at CGHMC. Mr. Sia also mentioned the institution’s belief in the three ‘I’s – invest, innovate, and implement. The hospital invests not only in top-of-the-line medical technology but also in the health and skills of its hospital and medical staff.

The evolving patients’ expectations for the best possible care has driven the hospital to constantly innovate and not “rest on our laurels.” Implementing investments in innovative and cutting-edge medical technology will shape the future of CGHMC and reinforce its industry leadership.

Mr. Sia also made the exciting announcement about the acquisition of the new da Vinci Xi Surgical System. This dual-console robotic surgical system is the first in the country and represents another medical leap in minimally invasive surgery. The da Vinci Xi Surgical System will allow surgeons to collaborate seamlessly during complex procedures, ultimately enhancing patient outcomes and providing an opportunity for better training of future robotic surgeons. “It is incumbent upon us to uphold the highest standards in patient care and safety while harnessing the potential of this incredible technology.”

Chairman of the Board of Directors, Mr. Antonio Tan, delivered an inspirational message emphasizing the collaboration between the robot and the medical team. “One cannot do without the other,” he said.

"Health innovations are useless without people applying them to improve lives and people's health."

The robotic team discussed the status of Minimally Invasive Surgery (MIS) in the hospital. Dr. Sammy Cunanan, Assistant Chairman of the Department of Surgery, shared how MIS started at CGHMC. They began with one tower and 200 cases in a year, and with each new tower added, they were able to handle more cases. As of September this year, they have already completed around 1,500 cases and project around 2,500 cases by the last quarter of the year. 

Dr. Jason Letran, Director of the Cancer Institute and the first to perform robotic surgery at CGHMC, provided a brief history of robotic surgery, highlighting its evolution from the 1985 beginnings in neurosurgery to the use of the da Vinci system in the 1990s. The launch of the da Vinci Si system in the hospital in September 2022 marked a new surgical era for the hospital’s patients, and with the upcoming arrival of the da Vinci Xi System, Dr. Letran predicted a bright future for robotic surgery at CGHMC.

The Talk Show segment of the program presented the four doctors who were the primary movers of robotic surgery in their departments – Dr. Sammy Cunanan and Dr. Christian Ang for General Surgery, Dr. Jason Letran for Urologic Oncology, and Dr. Irene Sy for Obstetrics and Gynecology. A robust discussion was facilitated by the program hosts, our very own CGHMC Psychiatrist Dr. Jerome Go and events host Ms. Princess Legaspi.

In his closing remarks, the Medical Director, Dr. Samuel Ang, drew inspiration from Mr. Sia’s “three I’s,” emphasizing their importance and aiming to inspire future generations.

The anniversary celebration concluded successfully, followed by a fellowship event.

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