For decades, computed tomography (CT) scans have been available in the country to allow for detailed imaging of the human body, from bones to visceral organs. The Chinese General Hospital Medical Center Cancer Institute is the latest hospital in the Philippines to offer PET-CT imaging. We use top-of-the-line GE® DiscoveryTM MI DR 128-slice ensuring high-quality scan images with the lowest radiation dose to the patient.

What We Do

PET-CT imaging has a vast array of clinical applications: from neurologic (dementia) to cardiac (coronary artery disease) and even infection and inflammation (fever of unknown origin). However, its most indispensable use in the local setting is in the management of cancer:

  • whether it is for initial staging of a newly diagnosed patient,

  • follow-up to check for response to therapy, or;

  • surveillance in a patient whose cancer is in remission.

Studies support the use of PET-CT as a “one-stop shop” for imaging many types of cancers.

Here at the Chinese General Hospital Cancer Institute, we use top of the line GE® Discovery TM MI DR 128-slice which ensures high-quality scan images with the lowest radiation dose to the patient. The scan is facilitated by friendly and competent in-house technologists and staff. Skilled consultants in the fields of Radiology and Nuclear Medicine interpret these images to provide a professional patient-centered care at an affordable cost.

  • F-18 FDG PET-CT with or without CT contrast

  • F-18 PSMA PET-CT with or without CT contrast

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Your Doctors & Nurses

Nuclear Medicine/ PET readers:

Dr. Jamilla Gomez, MBA

Dr. Patrick Fernando

Dr. Cynthia Liao

Dr. Hendrick Caw

Dr. Andrew Dominic Kalaw

Radiology readers for CT aspect of PET/CT:

Dr Eduardo Chiong

Dr Cesar Co

Dr Geraldine Gan

Dr George Que