Chinese General Hospital and Medical Center acquiresthe country’s FIRST state-of-the-art dual-console da Vinci Xi surgical robotic system

In a significant leap forward for surgical technology, the Chinese General Hospital and Medical Center proudly announced the acquisition of the country’s FIRST state-of-the-art dual-console da Vinci Xi surgical robotic system. This development comes on the heels of a successful robotic surgery program launched just one year ago, which has already completed over 200 successful cases, cementing the institution’s commitment to pioneering healthcare.


This cutting-edge advancement promises to revolutionize surgical procedures with its dual-console functionality, offering unparalleled advantages over traditional single-console systems.

The da Vinci Xi Dual Console system allows for collaboration where two skilled surgeons can work side by side in real-time, working seamlessly and sharing expertise to enhance the overall efficiency of complex surgical procedures to improve patient outcomes.

Furthermore, the dual console setup promotes interdisciplinary collaboration within surgical teams. Surgeons from different specialties can seamlessly work together, exchanging insights and leveraging their respective expertise to tackle complex procedures more effectively. This interdisciplinary approach fosters innovation and promotes comprehensive patient care.

Indeed, the minimally invasive nature of robotic surgery allows for smaller incisions, less pain, less blood loss, less operative time, less risk of infection, and faster recovery to a normal state.

This acquisition signifies a remarkable step forward in our mission to provide world-class healthcare. As we continue to lead the way in healthcare innovation, this acquisition ensures that patients receive the best surgical care possible, setting a new standard for surgical excellence.

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