CGHMC’s  Rehabilitation  Medicine offers  a  multidisciplinary team  approach composed  of  board-certified specialists  in rehabilitation  medicine  and  physical therapy, on-call occupational therapists,  and speech  and  swallowing  pathologists,  all of  whom  aim for  excellence  in the  delivery  of  an  integrated patient  care  rehabilitation.


We aim  to  restore  the  optimum  physical, social, and vocational  abilities  of patients  with  impairments  and disabilities  so  that  they  may  attain  their  highest  possible level of function  and  eventually, lead  full  and  rewarding  lives. The department  upholds  the  highest  standards  in  the rehabilitation  of persons  with  impairments  and  disabilities. We offer  numerous  programs for  people  with  impairments and  disabilities,  including  the following:


  • Strokes
  • Low back  pain
  • Arthritis
  • Brain injury
  • Limb loss
  • Cerebral palsy  and other  pediatric  conditions
  • Assistive technology (braces for patients with stroke, orthoses, adaptive devices, and gait aids)


At CGH Rehabilitation Medicine, we are patient-centered.  Our  team of  rehabilitation specialists  is  committed  to  provide  patients with  the  most  effective  and  compassionate care.  We  focus  on  the  whole  person,  rather  than  on  their  impairments  and disabilities.   We are  dedicated  to  relieving  pain,  restoring function  to  the  extent  possible,  and empowering  quality  of  life.

Our mission is to provide patients with the physical, psychosocial, vocational, and recreational skills they need to achieve their highest possible level of independence and to lead full and rewarding lives. We strive for excellence in comprehensive rehabilitation by delivering holistic and integrated services with an interdisciplinary team approach.

We offer specialists in Rehabilitation Medicine, physical therapists, occupational therapists and speech and language pathologists and support staff providing a broad scope of clinical programs.

We provide a full spectrum of in-patient and out-patient rehabilitation care to people of all ages for a wide range of conditions and injuries, including musculoskeletal, neuromuscular, cardiac, pulmonary, and other conditions.

We are dedicated to ensuring that patients attain their greatest functional potential. We plan to continue to expand our rehabilitation services, engage in relevant research, and transform into action our passion for restoring our patients’ function within the limits of their abilities but to the hilt of their existing abilities.

We intend to continue our pursuit of innovations and advances and set the standard in rehabilitation care for every stage of life and phase of recovery.


  • Rehabilitation evaluation and management

  • Rehabilitation services for in- and out- patients

– Physical therapy​

– Occupational therapy, available on call

– Speech therapy, available on call

  • Electrodiagnostic procedures (Electomyography – Nerve Conduction Velocity Study)

  • Prescription and check-out of assistive technology (prosthetics and orthotics, gait aids, wheelchairs, adaptive devices, etc.)

Our Doctors

Antonio O. Periquet, MD
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Cynthia D. Ang-Muñoz, MD
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Kelvin Rey Chan, MD
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Monday, Wednesday, Friday 12 noon to 3PM

MAB 608

Ma. Arlene Lee-Ledesma, MD

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