The Cardiac Rehabilitation programs are done at the Cardiac Rehabilitation Section (CGH-CARES) of the institution for both in-patient and outpatient, except for at-risk and newly heart bypass patients wherein the staff delivers initial programs (i.e., patient priming regarding the treatment procedure, securing of consent, establishing rapport) at the CV-telemetry Unit and/or ward where the patient is admitted.

The section is ran by a team of professionals composed of the Cardiac Rehabilitation Consultant, CFOD, Unit Manager, Cardiac Rehabilitation Consultant Nurse, and Physical Therapist. The center’s programs are sub-divided into phases as follows:

  • Surgical cases
    (CABG,MVR, AVR, etc.) – 5 sessions
  • Non-surgical package
    (ACS, LV Dysfunction, s/p PTCA, TAVI, etc) – 7 sessions
  • Immediate out-patient – 12 sessions
  • Immediate out-patient – 24 sessions
  • Out-patient (includes walk-in patients) – 36 sessions
  • Long-time maintenance lifestyle -72 sessions

During each phase, the focus is on assessing the patient’s individual needs and tailoring interventions accordingly. Patient should be able to assess services according to need and a menu-based approach is advocated. This would mean virtually no need for exclusion criteria, as it recognizes the necessity to tailor the delivery according to individual need and readiness to make lifestyle changes and takes into account disease complexity, as well as patient’s expectation and needs.


The core elements of the cardiac rehabilitation program address the following areas:

  • Education – to reduce misconceptions, promote understanding and self-efficacy.
  • Goal setting – to assist lifestyle changes and return to activity
  • Exercise – for secondary prevention and/or symptom relief
  • Psychological treatment- for those with continuing psychological needs
  • Lifestyle advice – to support behavioral change
  • Relaxation & stress management – to reduce anxiety and associated physical symptoms
  • Vocational rehabilitation – for those returning to work or retiring