Our Lactation Massage Clinic offers the following lactation massage and counseling packages to best suit the needs of new mothers. This service is available Mondays to Fridays, 9 am to to 4 pm. For inquiries and appointments, please call (02) 87114141 local 336 or 0921 260 0995.


  • One-hour lactation massage session
  • Three (3) one-hour lactation massage session package
  • In-patient room service sessions (private room or suite room)

What are the benefits of a lactation massage?


Releases Oxytocin 

A massage is an effective way to trigger the release of oxytocin, which relaxes the muscles in the milk ducts. This allows better milk release while stimulating the release of prolactin, the hormone that tells the body to increase milk production.


Increases Lymphatic Drainage

The breast is a common area for fluid to accumulate, which can lead to swelling, edema, and engorgement. A lactation massage can help in reducing these problems, and encourage nursing women to continue breastfeeding.


Decreases Breast Engorgement

The best treatment for engorgement is attempt to empty the breast, and this is best done by encouraging the baby to nurse more. A massage can aid in the emptying process softening the breast tissue to make nursing easier and more effective.


Helps with Clogged Ducts and Mastitis

The best course of action to ease the pain from clogged ducts is nursing coupled with a massage and hand expression to help unclog ducts.

Easier Latch

Massage softens the breast tissue, making the nipples more accessible for the baby to get a proper latch.